Apr 27 2010

My New Limo!

So Joel and Lori decided they wanted me, Roo, Nugget and Bomber to ride around with more room. They got a Honda Pilot. I miss the subaru…I used to find a lot of treats on the floor that Joel and Lori forgot about but this new SUV is big. SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. Its nice. Check out how much room we have!Honda PilotHonda Pilot

Feb 23 2010

Spring Here Yet?

I heard Joel talking about agility trials that are coming up. Does that mean spring is coming? I would like to go in the backyard and chase squirrels when its warm out. Joel put this fence up so I don’t have that much room to run right now but its okay because its cold out. I want to run in the backyard and bark…i can’t control my barking when i see a squirrel….they cast a spell on me of some sort. Why? Do you like squirrels? What makes you hyper and loud?

Jan 18 2010

New Bro! Need A Name!

So Joel told me yesterday that I will have a new brother. Here’s a picture. He’s called Mr. Orange right now.  I haven’t met him yet but I can’t wait. I heard he’s tiny too. Joel also asked me to give him some names because he has no name right now! Any suggestions out there? Post a comment with some names please! Peace!!!!0117001549

Jan 4 2010

My New Hangout!

So Joel has been working on the basement and he painted it some color (I was told i’m colorblind) Here’s how the room looks. I like it but I like the floor since its nice and cool…I mean cool like its not hot! But the room is COOL!

To read more about dogs being color blind, click here.


Dec 22 2009

Christmas Twees!


We went Christmas Tree shopping! It was fun. I went with my best of friends (the Golden type), Roo and Nugget! We found a tree but it took a while. I felt like a wolf in the wild but I don’t want to be a wolf because I heard they don’t get to sleep on Unkie’s bed! I like his bed. Actually, its not his bed…its MINE!

Nov 18 2009

Prince’s Latest Agility Competition

Nov 4 2009

Practice Makes Perfect! (Not Really)

Some people say “Practice Makes Perfect” but this video show’s some of our mistakes. I’ll keep on practicing with Joel! It’s FUUUUUNNNNNNN!

Oct 29 2009



So, Austen and I are missing summer time. I don’t like the heat but I do like the sun!!! This was nice…stay inside a cool house but get a little sun! I hope the shadows caused by the blinds don’t make me look like a zebra! I’m a dog not a wild animal!!!

Oct 29 2009



Who are these imposters? :-)

Oct 12 2009

Prince’s Latest Run!