Nov 18 2009

Roo’s Latest “Q”

Nov 18 2009

Prince’s Latest Agility Competition

Nov 4 2009

Practice Makes Perfect! (Not Really)

Some people say “Practice Makes Perfect” but this video show’s some of our mistakes. I’ll keep on practicing with Joel! It’s FUUUUUNNNNNNN!

Mar 3 2009

DOTCORNY Agility Trial – the Full Story!

I had a GREAT weekend with Lori and Roo at Agility! It was FUN FUN FUN! We competed on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was good for me. I had a great Standard run where I only knocked one bar. Oh well! My jumpers run was good too. We also knocked one bar! Roo had a great Jumpers run. In fact, she placed first! She was GREAT! Sunday was fun as well. I placed first in my Standard run! It was my first time to qualify at the Open Level. I had some trouble in Jumpers. Roo also had good runs on Sunday but made a small mistake in both runs. She ran great though! Overall, we had SOOOOOO much fun and it was fun to see some friends of ours that we haven’t seen for a while! I can’t wait to compete again!