Apr 27 2010

My New Limo!

So Joel and Lori decided they wanted me, Roo, Nugget and Bomber to ride around with more room. They got a Honda Pilot. I miss the subaru…I used to find a lot of treats on the floor that Joel and Lori forgot about but this new SUV is big. SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. Its nice. Check out how much room we have!Honda PilotHonda Pilot

Jul 21 2009

Road Trip!

What a funny crew!

What a funny crew!

We took a road trip with Auntie Mayette, Joel and Lori….and of course…as you can see Roo and Nugget! This was so much fun as you can see! I love hanging out with Nugget in the car. Don’t tell anyone but we actually “cuddle” when Joel is driving! hehe