Nov 18 2009

Roo’s Latest “Q”

Nov 18 2009

Prince’s Latest Agility Competition

Nov 4 2009

Practice Makes Perfect! (Not Really)

Some people say “Practice Makes Perfect” but this video show’s some of our mistakes. I’ll keep on practicing with Joel! It’s FUUUUUNNNNNNN!

Oct 12 2009

Prince’s Latest Run!

Oct 12 2009

Roo’s Latest Run!

Jul 27 2009

Nugget doing agility? WOW!

So my friend Nugget started running agility. Here is a video. You can hear me in the background! She loves it. Hopefully, she’ll be able to do agility more!

Jul 21 2009


So, Joel just told me that I finally qualified in Open Jumpers this past weekend at our dog trial in Albion, NY (Double Q). I took a third place. That means I move up to the Excellent class with my buddy Roo! I honestly don’t care where I run because I love agility so much! As long as I get to run, then I’m SOOOO Happy.

I decided to do something weird on this past dog trial. I was on the dog walk doing really well and then I decided I wanted to jump off the dog walk. I didn’t know that would cause me not to qualify! Oh well! I had lots of fun though!


Look Into My Eyes

Mar 3 2009

DOTCORNY Agility Trial – the Full Story!

I had a GREAT weekend with Lori and Roo at Agility! It was FUN FUN FUN! We competed on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was good for me. I had a great Standard run where I only knocked one bar. Oh well! My jumpers run was good too. We also knocked one bar! Roo had a great Jumpers run. In fact, she placed first! She was GREAT! Sunday was fun as well. I placed first in my Standard run! It was my first time to qualify at the Open Level. I had some trouble in Jumpers. Roo also had good runs on Sunday but made a small mistake in both runs. She ran great though! Overall, we had SOOOOOO much fun and it was fun to see some friends of ours that we haven’t seen for a while! I can’t wait to compete again!