Mar 23 2011

One, two, three, four….FIVE DOGS!

I’m pretty good at counting but this weekend I counted FIVE dogs in the house. There are two parts to this. We had Raven sleep over and it was fun. She smiles all the time even when in trouble and she’s small still so I like to wrestle her! Its fun! But she left after our little slumber party and she went home on Tuesday morning.

The second part to “Five Dogs” (Not Five Guys) is that Hugo has been sleeping in the bed with us like a DOG. One night, I woke up and he was near my belly (not to be confused with “in my belly”). I woke up and was like….”does he think he’s a dog” because he sleep with all of us dogs.  He’s a cool cat, he plays “monster” under the bed and goes after my feet. It scares Roo but I find it amusing! He bites Joel’s toes sometime too! I think its because they smell!