Nov 27 2010

Happy Birthday

Quick post. A shout out to my two little boys: Bomber and Christian. Happy Birthday. I don’t know who is more mature. Haha

Nov 7 2010

Leaves and More Leaves

“Make like a tree and Leaves!”

That’s what Joel & Lori decided to say to the leaves today. What is the plural of leaf anyways? Anyways, I just got back inside from helping supervise the leaf raking job. They do well. I think they bagged about 20 bags of leaves. Roo, Bomber, Nugget and I just did our thing in the backyard and chased after each other and wrestled in the leaves and stuff. It was fun! I really enjoy my 3 goldens! We get to play a lot and the cool thing is we get to make fun of Lori and Joel as they slave away picking up all the leaves!