Aug 21 2010

Golden Time!

Joel just told me we’re hang out with the Golden’s today! I miss them so much since I haven’t seen them in so long. I saw my other buddy Millie yesterday! She’s cool but she looks similar to a cow. I like cows though so looking like a cow is good thing! She’s cute!

Aug 9 2010


I had visitors this weekend. Tito Arnel, Tita Carol and their 5 children. I especially liked Hope and Faith but you won’t believe it…one of them gave Austen a doughnut when I wasn’t paying attention! I think it was a glazed one based on the crumbs that were left over.  I love doughnuts but I never get them unless Joel drives to Dunkin Donuts and they see how cute I am and offer me a munchkin. I like munchkins too but they are too small. I have a big appetite even though I’m little.

Our visitors were a lot of fun! I like hanging out with them since they don’t know how good I can borrow (not steal) food from them!