Apr 27 2010

My New Limo!

So Joel and Lori decided they wanted me, Roo, Nugget and Bomber to ride around with more room. They got a Honda Pilot. I miss the subaru…I used to find a lot of treats on the floor that Joel and Lori forgot about but this new SUV is big. SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. Its nice. Check out how much room we have!Honda PilotHonda Pilot

Apr 7 2010

Just Call Me: PORKCHOP!


So, I had a pork chop on Monday. Here’s what happened. Joel was nice enough to make me a porkchop.  He just happened to not give it to me and he left it on the counter. So, I figured I’d save him the trouble of serving me and steal….oops…I mean….take it from the counter. He saw me do it so I said, “I’ll enjoy my porkchop in the basement,” and I ran down the steps. For some reason, Joel was chasing me all over yelling, “You! It has a bone!” I was like , “I like bones” so I decided to try to swallow it whole. Joel was able to catch me and pulled most of the bone from my mouth but I swallowed a small piece of a bone. Joel was really nervous so he called up Lori and said, “What do I do? He’s choking!” He ran back upstairs and came back with a bottle that read “Hydrogen Peroxide.” He then took two capfuls of that stuff and shoved it down my throat. Suddenly, I felt sick and vomited….and out came the bone! I was like, “Man, my dinner!” What an adventure. Thanks Joel for the porkchop. It was great. Now, Joel calls me, “porkchop!”

Apr 1 2010


I overheard Joel saying he might bring me in to the vet to have my teeth looked at. The vet serves as both dentist and doctor for us furry creatures. They have it rough…or should I say RUFF! Anybody not like the dentist?