Mar 26 2010



I was very sleepy the other day and Joel took this photo of me. I get really tired after agility now. Before, I used to have tons of energy after class but now I like to come home, drink water, make sure the counters are clear,  say, “what’s up?” to Austen, then go to my bed (Joel calls it his bed) and lay down and sleep and sometimes drool. I do drool once in a while. I’m not embarrassed to say. Do you like to sleep after school?

Oh yeah, Joel has been working on agility with me and I noticed the sun is out more often and its warmer. Does that mean agility season is here?

Mar 19 2010

SUN! MUD! (and other three letter words)

I can’t believe it! It’s so sunny out. I just finished suntanning through my window. Its great. I love the sun but I don’t like the heat. Does that make sense? So, Joel decided to make our yard even smaller. He put a snow fence up before winter to prevent us from getting all muddy. Now, he made it smaller because one area of the yard is ALL MUD. I don’t like to step in the mud but sometimes Austen accidently does. YUK! EWE!

Mar 1 2010

Lil Bro’s Weight?

So…my little bro goes in for his second appointment tomorrow? Last time he weighed 20.3 lbs. How much do you think he’ll weigh this time? Let me know!