Feb 23 2010

Spring Here Yet?

I heard Joel talking about agility trials that are coming up. Does that mean spring is coming? I would like to go in the backyard and chase squirrels when its warm out. Joel put this fence up so I don’t have that much room to run right now but its okay because its cold out. I want to run in the backyard and bark…i can’t control my barking when i see a squirrel….they cast a spell on me of some sort. Why? Do you like squirrels? What makes you hyper and loud?

Feb 17 2010


Oops! I uploaded the wrong photo. That was Joel trying to look as cute as me. I don’t think it worked. Here is me…the REAL me!0206001212

Feb 17 2010

I Love Blankets!

I absolutely love blankets! Here is a photo of me under my favorite blanket in Joel’s Room! Aren’t I cute?JoelBlanket