Jan 27 2010

And We Shall Call Him…

Bomber! Joel just told me the little dog that people call “Puppy Puppy” is now named Bomber. I guess he was named after his grandfather who I heard was a very cool dog and a champion in something. Not sure what exactly but I hope he was a champion in eating because that’s what I like to do.

Bomber is cool. He’s tiny but I think he grew a lot…even over one night! Joel told me he’ll be bigger than me but I’m still the big dog so HA! I like him a lot. I like to play with him and Joel and Mama Lori call me “Professor” now since I’ve been teaching him all sorts of things (good and bad things)!

Jan 18 2010

New Bro! Need A Name!

So Joel told me yesterday that I will have a new brother. Here’s a picture. He’s called Mr. Orange right now.  I haven’t met him yet but I can’t wait. I heard he’s tiny too. Joel also asked me to give him some names because he has no name right now! Any suggestions out there? Post a comment with some names please! Peace!!!!0117001549

Jan 6 2010

Happy Birthday Ariel and Inky!

Today is Ariel and Inky’s birthday, my long eared friends! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYPER ONES!

Jan 4 2010

My New Hangout!

So Joel has been working on the basement and he painted it some color (I was told i’m colorblind) Here’s how the room looks. I like it but I like the floor since its nice and cool…I mean cool like its not hot! But the room is COOL!

To read more about dogs being color blind, click here.