Aug 31 2009

Hugo The Cat!

So, I may be the biggest cat toy ever! Lori just got a new Kitty named Hugo. Here you can see Hugo playing with me! We get along great!

Aug 10 2009

(Hot) Dog Days Of Summer!

So, I have to talk about the weather today. It’s HOT! It’s humid! I’m not sure if I can survive this weather for prolonger periods! Ugh! I spent a lot of time with my best buddy Golden’s, Roo and Nugget! I even hung out wit their cat friend Blue! I like him but for some reason he always looks like he wants to beat me up so I stay away from him most of the time!

Anyways, its so hot that I better not type that much! I’m drooling on the keyboard! I think I’ll check the counters for some food Joel left out! hehe!