Apr 24 2009

We’re Photogenic!


This photo was taken outside of our Agility Trial. It was a nice sunny day. You might think we’re paying attention to our handlers but the honest truth was we were both waiting for a treat! They bribed us! I looooove this photo of us! Roo has a nice smile and I look serious. :-)

Apr 23 2009


Joel told me that I was sleeping belly-up for about 2 hours yesterday. That’s embarrassing! I feel rested though but last night I was SOOOOO sleepy. How come humans are allowed to sleep belly up? I prefer to sleep on my side most of the time but sleeping belly up feels good on my back! :-)

Apr 22 2009


So, I wanted to tell everyone a little more about my trip to Buffalo this past weekend. We stayed at a Hotel with Mayette, Lori, Joel and most importantly Roo-Roo! Roo and I were funny. We decided we would hog the one bed we had in the room. So Lori slept on there but didn’t have that much room and Joel and Mayette had to sleep on a sleeping bag on the floor. That was cool! I love vacationing!

Apr 20 2009

Western Lakes Agility

We had fun in Amherst, NY…near Buffalo. Me, Roo, Mayette, Lori and Joel all had a little vacation to go to a dog agility competition. We had lots of fun. We stayed in a Hotel and everything! It was like a big sleepover! I had tons of fun! Here is a video of our runs!