Mar 12 2009

Bad Dream

Last night, I was really comfortable in bed. Joel tucked me under his blanket and everything and I was SOOOO nice and warm. But then I must of fallen asleep and I started to have a dream. I don’t remember what it was about but I woke up to Joel saying, “It’s okay buddy! Prince….wake up.” I woke up and Joel told me that I was crying in my sleep and my legs were twitching and moving like I was running! :-) COOL! I don’t like bad dreams though…I was happy Joel woke me up. I started falling back asleep after he told me what happened…I LOVE SLEEP! Ever have a bad dream before?

Mar 11 2009

Agility Titles

I added my titles and Roo’s titles to the right side of the web page. Look for it!

Mar 7 2009

Agility Practice

If you saw my Doggie Calendar, you would notice that I have practice today.  Roo and I have so much fun. Lori and Joel spend a lot of time setting up the course but its worth it for us at least. They look tired after setting up all the equipment. I can’t wait. We practice for about 1.5 hours!

Mar 6 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie Mayette!

I went to Auntie Mayette’s (sometimes I call here Mommy Mayette) B-Day Dinner last night. It was FUN! I saw the kids, the dog that looks like the bigger version of me and my four Cocker friends! Not to mention everybody else! I had lots of fun! HAPPY B-DAY Auntie/Mommy!

Mar 6 2009

I’m at Fairport!

YEAH! Write me back.

Mar 3 2009

DOTCORNY Agility Trial – the Full Story!

I had a GREAT weekend with Lori and Roo at Agility! It was FUN FUN FUN! We competed on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was good for me. I had a great Standard run where I only knocked one bar. Oh well! My jumpers run was good too. We also knocked one bar! Roo had a great Jumpers run. In fact, she placed first! She was GREAT! Sunday was fun as well. I placed first in my Standard run! It was my first time to qualify at the Open Level. I had some trouble in Jumpers. Roo also had good runs on Sunday but made a small mistake in both runs. She ran great though! Overall, we had SOOOOOO much fun and it was fun to see some friends of ours that we haven’t seen for a while! I can’t wait to compete again!

Mar 3 2009

Agility trial

Roo and I got first place this past weekend! YEAH! I’ll write more late. I stole Joel’s iPod. He he!

Mar 2 2009

My Calendar!

I just added Roo and I’s calendar to the side bar. Look to the right. You can see what I’m doing over the next 3 months!