Dec 31 2008

2009 – New Year’s Resolution

I can’t wait for 2009! It’s going to be a great year….I think for some reason! I think i’ll get better at agility and probably make more friends! YEAH! Here’s my New Year’s Resolution: To be a better, more obedient dog¬† AND to get my Open Agility titles! Anybody want to share their resolution?

If you don’t know what a New Year’s Resolution is, click here.

Dec 31 2008

Break from classes!

Classes ended last week so no class for a little while. Maybe until Spring time. :-( That makes me sad but I have resorted to playing ball in the house. I can’t get enough of it!

I love the snow outside too. It’s fun to jump in. We got a lot of snow last night. I woke up and it was white out! YES!

Dec 17 2008

Fairport Visit

I saw some of my friends yesterday, both furry and non-furry. I went to the flower shop with Joel yesterday and I smelled…..(drum roll please)……CHICKEN WINGS! It was like a dream came true! I soon realized that I wasn’t going to be able to steal….oops…I mean…have some for myself. That’s okay I guess because that last time I ate bones I had a belly ache!

It was fun seeing my non-furry friends…especially the kids. They kept saying I look small and I was like….”I’m not small!”

Dec 17 2008


Three words: I love snow!

Dec 15 2008

I’m a Ninja!

I wonder if Joel ever reads this blog. Because I write while he’s at work. He doesn’t even know that I unlock my house (cage) and then I turn on the computer, write my post, then take a nap then go back in the cage, lock it….ALL without him knowing! I’m a NINJA!

Dec 15 2008

I smell good! (I think)

So, Joel suprised me and gave me a bath yesterday. It was a good day to do it though since it was warmer than normal. I smell good now. I decided not to bark because I knew I really¬† needed the bath. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually don’t mind bath’s because it makes me warm and smell good. Joel even took the hair dryer out and used it on me. I like that thing except for when it blows in my face. My coat looks better now and I’m fluffier!

Dec 12 2008

Vet Trip

I forgot to tell you I went to the Vet to have my shots updated. Joel took me. We met a few friends. I said hello to a Akita-Huskie mix. Actually, there were two of them. They were nice but really shy since they were puppies. I got my shots and they weighed me. I lost 8 lbs since I last visited them. I’m fit. Joel is more fit too! He’s been going to the gym a lot.

Oh yeah, the vet said I’m in great condition and that I should remain that weight. Too bad I like to eat a lot…I feel like eating chicken! YUMMY!

Dec 5 2008


Twin?Is this my female twin? She’s almost as tall as me and she’s the same color! We look alike! SCARY! :)

Dec 4 2008


I had SO MUCH FUN! Joel and I went to agility class today. It was a jumpers course…so no pause table, no A-Frame, no dogwalk and no teeter. Just JUMPS! The first run was hard. We had to do front crosses because Joel’s instructor Marian said so. The second run was great! We ran perfect. Joel did a good job and I was REALLY fast. The third run was good too but by then I had memorized the course. I love agility! I love running fast!

Dec 3 2008

Agility Class Tomorrow!

I have agility class tomorrow! YES! Joel told me today. I think I’ll go to bed now so I will be well rested for tomorrow. Of course, I could always go for a midnight snack!