Nov 25 2008


I LOVE SNOW! It’s pretty looking…it’s cool and…it tastes pretty good too! I don’t like getting wet though. Wet snow is no fun!

Nov 25 2008

Forgot To Mention

So, I had my first day back at class this past Thursday! IT WAS FUN! Joel was really nervous since he thought I would be a crazy boy. I mean….I am crazy but not THAT crazy. :)

 We ran well, I did knock some bars but it was soooo much fun. The best part was Lori and Roo-Roo were able to come with us. What a pleasant suprise!

Nov 20 2008

So busy…

So I’ve been so busy lately. I forgot to tell everyone that I have a new friend in the house. His name is Austen. He looks like me but different color (although I’m color blind) and he’s bigger. I’ve been trying to teach him things (both good and bad habits). It took some adjusting but I think I get it now. He’s fun…we play outside and play this game where we push each other with our necks. Don’t underestimate my size, I’m small but pack a punch (or push in this case). I’ll try to find more time to write but between eating, playing and most of all, sleeping, I’ve been so busy.