Mar 3 2008

DOTCORNY Winter Trial

So, we had a fun weekend of running at DOTCORNY for our Winter Trial. I ran fast but Joel told me I did not Qualify on any of my 4 runs. I knocked 1 bar on 3 of my 4 runs. Roo did much better, she qualified twice and placed 1st twice! Great job best friend!

1st Run: Open Standard – We ran a standard run and made great time. I ran one wrong course but it was Joel’s fault since he didn’t turn his shoulder to cue me to the weaves. I did knock one bar though.

2nd Run: Novice Jumpers – Another great run, ran fast but knocked one bar.

3rd Run: Open Standard – Ran a perfect run but I knocked the last bar. It was Joel’s fault, he stopped for a quick second when I looked back at him.

4th run: Novice Jumpers – Lets forget about this run. Joel was not smooth. Knocked 3 bars and had one refusal.