Aug 29 2007

Agility Class

I had another fun day at class but it was REALLY HOT at DOTCORNY. I tried keeping myself cool by constantly barking! It didn’t seem to work though but tried the entire class. Joel was not too happy with me.

As far as our runs, first run was good but I slipped off the teeter. I also knocked a couple bars. Second run, I wanted to go fast and for some reason Joel didn’t like the fact that I hit so many bars. Same things goes for the third run.

Tip for Joel, work our your start line and I think I should practice my timing of jumping between jump.

Aug 29 2007

I Love Playing Host!

We had visitors today! YEAH! I like when I have people to hang out with. The Almonte Family from Albany visited and stayed over one night. It was fun! I didn’t wake them up in the morning like I did last time but I did play ball with Tito Oca. He’s funny. He always laughs at me and calls me “Prance.” I still respond to it though since I know he’s trying! I did successfully steal Tita Sophie and Tito Oca’s slipper when they took it off their foot. That got their attention. I like having guests! I can’t wait for our next batch!

I think it’s Wednesday so I have class later! YES! I can’t wait to bark and run. I’m still debating whether I want to give Joel a hard time or not!

Aug 25 2007

Yikes! Scary evening

There’s nothing worse than being jolted awake from a very pleasant dream, especially one in which I actually caught the squirrel! Loud rumbly noises everywhere, flashes of light in the sky, howling wind and rain that sounded like someone was throwing rocks at the window–scary!! I had no idea what was going on. I only remember bolting to the door that leads to the garage and trying my best to paw that latch open. I don’t understand why Mylee kept saying there is nothing to worry about, it was only a “storm” she kept saying. Well, hello, let’s be smart and run AWAY from the “storm”, right? I mean, that’s what I was trying to do! Sometimes, these humans just don’t get it…

Aug 24 2007

Sleepy Morning

I woke up really sleepy today! I didn’t even have the energy to say bye to Joel as he left for work. I guess I’ll just nap around the house until he gets home to feed me. I can’t wait!!!

Aug 22 2007

Agility Class: JWW

I went to class today. We had a difficult JWW course that Bonnie Platt created for us. The course was definitely challenging for Joel. He needs to work on his front crosses. He confuses me sometimes. My first run was good but I knocked a couple bars. The second run was good too. The third run….that was another story.

Roo and Lori did really well but Roo got tired after a while so her third run she actually knocked bars. But her first 2 runs were flawless and fast. I couldn’t help but root for her. She runs so smooth!

Overall, good class.

Tip for Joel: Work on your front crosses.

Aug 21 2007

My first post!!


Finally, my first posting. Here you’ll find details on my day, my classes, my activities, my friends, and most of all the goofy two legged creatures I call my owners. You’ll read about the good, the bad and the hungry.

The picture , that’s me. I’ll add more pictures as I go.

Alright, I think I heard Joel say “eat.” Peace, I’m outta here…