Apr 22 2011

My Roo Roo’s latest run and Q!

Apr 22 2011

My latest agility run!

Feb 23 2011

Bomber’s Agility Run

So this was Bomber’s attempt at posting a video of HIM on MY blog. :) He was unsuccessful but a valiant effort by a young boy. Too bad I’m the nerd in the group so I would know how to embed a YouTube video in WordPress! I love writing content about my sisters and brothers. I’m even thinking about writing some stuff about my cat brothers! I think I will…stay tuned!

Jun 3 2010

Am I Old?

So, for those of you who don’t know. I’m 7 now. Yes….7….that officially makes me a senior dog. Joel told me I received a piece of mail that said I’m now a senior. I don’t feel like it though. I feel like I’m 3. But you know…I went to agility last night and did pretty well but you know I was limping afterwards. Makes me worry that I’m old. :-(

Mar 26 2010



I was very sleepy the other day and Joel took this photo of me. I get really tired after agility now. Before, I used to have tons of energy after class but now I like to come home, drink water, make sure the counters are clear,  say, “what’s up?” to Austen, then go to my bed (Joel calls it his bed) and lay down and sleep and sometimes drool. I do drool once in a while. I’m not embarrassed to say. Do you like to sleep after school?

Oh yeah, Joel has been working on agility with me and I noticed the sun is out more often and its warmer. Does that mean agility season is here?

Nov 18 2009

Roo’s Latest “Q”

Nov 18 2009

Prince’s Latest Agility Competition

Nov 4 2009

Practice Makes Perfect! (Not Really)

Some people say “Practice Makes Perfect” but this video show’s some of our mistakes. I’ll keep on practicing with Joel! It’s FUUUUUNNNNNNN!

Oct 12 2009

Prince’s Latest Run!

Oct 12 2009

Roo’s Latest Run!