Mar 23 2011

One, two, three, four….FIVE DOGS!

I’m pretty good at counting but this weekend I counted FIVE dogs in the house. There are two parts to this. We had Raven sleep over and it was fun. She smiles all the time even when in trouble and she’s small still so I like to wrestle her! Its fun! But she left after our little slumber party and she went home on Tuesday morning.

The second part to “Five Dogs” (Not Five Guys) is that Hugo has been sleeping in the bed with us like a DOG. One night, I woke up and he was near my belly (not to be confused with “in my belly”). I woke up and was like….”does he think he’s a dog” because he sleep with all of us dogs.  He’s a cool cat, he plays “monster” under the bed and goes after my feet. It scares Roo but I find it amusing! He bites Joel’s toes sometime too! I think its because they smell!

Jan 24 2011


Anyone think it’s simply too cold out? I go outside to go bathroom and my feet freeze and I start limping. Same with my Goldens. :(

Dec 14 2010

Play Time!

Nov 27 2010

Happy Birthday

Quick post. A shout out to my two little boys: Bomber and Christian. Happy Birthday. I don’t know who is more mature. Haha

Nov 7 2010

Leaves and More Leaves

“Make like a tree and Leaves!”

That’s what Joel & Lori decided to say to the leaves today. What is the plural of leaf anyways? Anyways, I just got back inside from helping supervise the leaf raking job. They do well. I think they bagged about 20 bags of leaves. Roo, Bomber, Nugget and I just did our thing in the backyard and chased after each other and wrestled in the leaves and stuff. It was fun! I really enjoy my 3 goldens! We get to play a lot and the cool thing is we get to make fun of Lori and Joel as they slave away picking up all the leaves!

Oct 14 2010


As you can see, my Golden brother Bomber and my two Golden sisters Roo and Nugget like the bed too. We take up a lot of room. I don’t think Joel & Lori even fit here. They bought this new bed for us. Its comfy and I sleep really well on it!

Have any suggestions on where Joel can sleep? I was suggesting the couch next to Austen!

Oct 14 2010

Sorry, Last Post Didn’t Work!

I was trying to upload a video of Bomber and Austen but it failed! I don’t like technology but I LOVE FOOD!

Sep 30 2010

My crazy lil bro

Check this out.

Aug 21 2010

Golden Time!

Joel just told me we’re hang out with the Golden’s today! I miss them so much since I haven’t seen them in so long. I saw my other buddy Millie yesterday! She’s cool but she looks similar to a cow. I like cows though so looking like a cow is good thing! She’s cute!

Aug 9 2010


I had visitors this weekend. Tito Arnel, Tita Carol and their 5 children. I especially liked Hope and Faith but you won’t believe it…one of them gave Austen a doughnut when I wasn’t paying attention! I think it was a glazed one based on the crumbs that were left over.  I love doughnuts but I never get them unless Joel drives to Dunkin Donuts and they see how cute I am and offer me a munchkin. I like munchkins too but they are too small. I have a big appetite even though I’m little.

Our visitors were a lot of fun! I like hanging out with them since they don’t know how good I can borrow (not steal) food from them!